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An Unparalleled Advantage

In April 2011, Austvest International secured one of only eight self-controlled super intelligent greenhouses in the International Collaboration Park at the one and only China national Agricultural Hi-Tech Industries Demonstration Zone in Yangling, Central China. In 2012, the construction of this state-of-the-art greenhouse was completed and was undergoing renovation for occupation by exhibitors.

After commencement the Display Centre has been served as a modern exchange platform for Australian agricultural companies to demonstrate and promote their products and innovations.

Austvest created a range of marketing solutions for our clients by leveraging our local government / business relationships and business expertise in China. These solutions focus on providing strategic differentiation and marketing superiority to Australian agribusinesses.

With Austvest, clients are assured of a transparent business partner, world-class processes, speed of execution and the power to stretch their budget.


Services provided to the clients at the Australian Hi-Tech Agricultural Display Centre site (Yangling, China)1

  • All-year round access to the display centre by the public and professionals.
  • Company name and logo displayed at the centre entrances.
  • Company name and product display board at the product display section.
  • Marketing material display shelves at the display centre entrances and sections.
  • Marketing materials translated into Chinese – A4 pages *.
  • Shared use of display centre technical and sales staff.
  • A dedicated product display banner, up to 1X2m sq in size.
  • Display section space allocation - based on the package subscribed, please refer to our Display Centre Design Booklet *.
  • Shared product maintenance staff at the display centre (to be trained by exhibitor).*.
  • Display Centre events and services sponsorship programs 2.
  • Fully organised product marketing seminar in China Yangling International Collaboration Centre for local or international delegates *.


Services to be provided to the clients in China Nation wide

  • Invitations to the annual China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair (CAF)3.
  • Local hotel and travel arrangements for clients' representative(s) to join the CAF.
  • Your business logo appearing on all advertising materials and emails issued by Austvest leading up to the CAF.
  • Organised participation in the marketing forum at the CAF.
  • . Organised meeting and trade opportunities with senior Chinese and other countries’ government officials during CAF*.
  • Organised key-note forum and meeting for company executive(s) during CAF *.
  • Free or low cost Display booth (3X3 m sq) in the China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair, standard fit-out4 *.
  • Fully organised China local travel package for staff participating in the CAF (accommodation costs included), up to 7 days each trip*.
  • Periodical newsletter to market your product via Yangling AHIDZ agricultural hi-tech demonstration and promotion bases 5.
  • Products promotion via “Agricultural Science & Technology Pilot Program” 6.
  • Fully customisable login page to our “Online Australian Hi-Tech Agricultural Display Centre” website 7.
  • Your own product promotion page on our display centre website – exhibitor to provide content.
  • Online advertising on our display centre website (annual) 8*.
  • Advertising link back to your company website from Austvest’s major agricultural affiliates’ website in China 9*.
  • Access to either shared or dedicated use of China localized agricultural sales, education and technical services team *.
  • . Access to either shared or dedicated English speaking channel product manager to look after your customer base in China with periodical marketing progress report *.
  • A shared or dedicated channel after sales manager to look after your products and services, and provide after sales support in China *.
  • Printing of marketing materials in local languages (A4 copies or equivalent) 10*.
  • Dedicated Austvest International translation and sales team when meeting or touring in China *.
  • Educational article published in “Agricultural Science & Technology Newspaper” to market your product - article to be supplied by client 11*.
  • 20% discount for advertising on “Agricultural Science & Technology Newspaper”.
  • Advertising in “Agricultural Science & Technology Newspaper” (size up to 10X10 cm sq)*.
  • Product educational TV program (provided by the exhibitor) on “Agricultural Science & Technology Satellite Television” channel to market your product 12*.

*: Depending on the package client subscribe, there may be fees to pay for the services listed. 




  • The Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Industries Demonstration Zone (AHIDZ) was constructed by the Chinese State Council and 19 other commissions and bureaus. This facility is the only national level Agricultural high-tech industrial demonstration zone in China. It is commonly referred to as the “modern agricultural city” and is one of only ten high-tech industrial demonstration zones in China which is open to APEC. In addition, Yangling AHIDZ is also one of five key high-tech industrial demonstration zones supported by the central government.
  • Periodically, there maybe some events held at the centre such as visits from local and foreign dignitaries. Exhibitors will be notified in advance of such events with the option to participate and sponsor etc.
  • China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair (CAF): CAF is one of the most important annual agricultural fairs held in South East Asia. On average, the CAF occupies more than 100,000 square meters of floor space, and attracts more than 1.6 million visitors. In 2010, there were over 2,000 local and international exhibitors involved with the fair. Consequently, trade volume from the CAF for 2010 exceeded 26.4 billion RMB (3.8 Billion AUD).
  • Display booths can be customized by the client at the client’s expense.
  • According to the Chinese government, Yangling AHIDZ has built 160 agricultural hi-tech demonstration and promotion bases, 37 agricultural experts’ courtyards and over 1,200 demonstration and experiment bases across more than 10 provinces and regions in China. During the last ten years, Yangling AHIDZ has introduced and popularized more than 1,700 domestic and foreign improved agricultural product varieties and 1,000 agricultural advanced and practical technologies. These achievements have benefited more than 50 million farmers and provided economic returns higher than 6 billion RMB annually.
  • Agricultural Science & Technology Pilot Program: Organized by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the program is designated to promote modern agricultural products and services in Chinese rural areas. Started from early 2010, the program concentrates on accelerating agricultural science and technology transformation, promoting modern agriculture development in countryside and rural areas.
  • As part of our online marketing strategy, Austvest International has launched an online version of the display centre via the website www.ozagri.com. This website provides a platform for Chinese agricultural decision makers to research, study and order products. In addition, the website will allow the Australian exhibitors to follow up and retrieve their product updates and marketing reports via a secure online portal.
  • For online advertising, exhibitors to supply creative i.e. flash, gif or jpg file etc. in according with the specifications provided by Austvest International.
  • Austvest strategic partners include www.baidu.com (NASDAQ:BIDU); www.alibaba.com (NASDAQ:ALBCF); www.k369.com - one of the largest portal websites in China; www.farmers.org.cn – a comprehensive agricultural education and product information website managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, China; www.bizchinanow.com - website of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.
  • Local printing standard is 28.5cm X 21cm for A4 printing instead of 29.7cm X21cm. In most cases, an exhibitor can request that the English version design be adapted and translated into Chinese. This service is generally free of charge.
  • The Agricultural Science and Technology Newspaper was started in 2001 and is one of the key agricultural newspapers in China. This bi-weekly newspaper is distributed throughout China and is targeted at agricultural professionals and Chinese farmers.
  • The Agricultural Science & Technology Satellite Television Channel is the only dedicated agricultural television channel in China. This TV channel has 12 serial agricultural programs which are dedicated to agricultural science and technology, products and services etc. The channel has a large audience with agricultural professionals and farmers.


We encourage potential Australian clients to take full advantage of the various Australian State and Federal Government schemes designed to assist Product Development, Research & Development, Export Marketing and other related activities. E.M.D.G. (Export Market Development Grant) is a prime example.

If required, we can refer you to one of our partners in order to assist you with any of these export grants.For more information, please contact Austvest on 1300-885 335.


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