Austvest offers a range of strategic project management consulting services based on individual organizational need. Depending on your specific project management requirements, a complete package of services can be provided.

Project management consulting services include:

>> Project Management Consulting: Many mining and agriculture projects often run overtime and over budget due to a lack of rigorous project management. Rather than delivering high quality solutions, many organizations fail to even establish projects with correct processes and with a sound project management methodology. Austvest can help your organization to plan and establish major projects within a sound structure before actually commencing.

>> Project Check-up: Do you have a project which has been lingering in the background for years? Austvest can provide your organization with a Project Check-up Report which will highlight major project issues, and provide strong recommendations to and determine a path forward. We can also review existing project documentation to provide independent advice.

>> Overseas Projects Selection: Selection of appropriate projects in overseas is difficult and critical for the success of your next project. We can ensure your next solution will seamlessly integrate with your existing environment and also meet your business need. Austvest has very strong local connection in countries such as China, where we can evaluate your proposed projects and make sure that it will meet the local government policies.

>> >> Tender Selection: We can help you define your need, help produce your tender documentation, and even facilitate the entire tender selection process (including reference site visits).

We can manage our specialized areas such as agricultural and mining projects, from their conception through development to production. We also offer a full, long term management solution for new or existing businesses.

Our current project: the Australian Hi-Tech Agricultural Display Centre

For the Display Centre design and layout, please download it here. To find out how we can provide you with the best marketing strategy to penetrate into the Chinese agricultural market, please read our article "An Unparalleled Advantage: the Australian Hi-Tech Agricultural Display Centre". You can also download our project introduction The Flyer1 here, or our project details The Display Centre here.

For our project proposal, download file AVCHN_YL2011-Y01: The Project Proposal here.


Austvest was formed in 2001 (ABN: 72 095 065 366) with the objective of finding the marketing investment opportunities within Asia and pacific.

Over the past few years, besides Australia, we have had a substantial presence in the Chinese and Indian market and have rapidly expanded our network due to the large size of the market. The company now has 3 offices based in China with more than 50 staff members country wide, as well as 10 representatives’ offices in India.

By leveraging our local government and business relationships and business expertise in Asia and Pacific countries, we created a wide range of solutions for our clients. These solutions focus on providing strategic differentiation and marketing superiority to Australian and overseas companies.

The Austvest network provides a competitive advantage in accessing export and investment opportunities in Australia and the vast and highly diverse Asian markets.


How we can help businesses wanting to access investment markets

  • Separating business reality from myth in this dynamic market.
  • Identifying real opportunities, business partners and new customers.
  • Setting up relationships with local “know how”.
  • Negotiating the best possible outcome.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is straightforward: Best people, expert advice, innovative business solutions and continuous focus on client service.

We encourage potential Australian clients to take full advantage of the various Australian State and Federal Government schemes designed to assist Product Development, Research & Development, Export Marketing and other related activities. E.M.D.G. (Export Market Development Grant) is a prime example.

If required, we can refer you to one of our partners in order to assist you with any of these export grants.For more information, please contact Austvest on 1300-885 335.


Printable Documents

If you are interested in our printable documents, you can access them through our AUST-REP program...


About Austvest

Austvest was formed in 2001 with the objective of finding the marketing investment opportunities within Asia and Pacific. Over the past few years, besides Ausralia, we have had a substantial presence in the Chinese and Indian market and have rapidly expanded our network due to the large size of the market...

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